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August 21, 2006 / TildeWill

It would be a lie…

… to say that after today my life would slow down. You see, since I returned from Fencing Coaches College a week ago, I had a fencing club to repair, a open house to attend, and a whole mess of paperwork. Today is a commercial shoot for RCF which was generously given to me by my parents. The commercial will air on WLFI during premier week. I’m crossing my fingers that enough people will show up to make it seem like there really are fencers in Lafayette.

Tomorrow, Kris moves out and back to Cincinnati. Wednesday I’m having lunch with Mom after I give a presentation to a Hamlet class. Thursday, Nads will be in town. Friday another presentation to the other sections of Hamlet at Purdue. Saturday, I’m reffing out in Dublin, OH. Monday is Global Fest at Morton Community Center (another fencing demo). And then the new schedule starts where I’m waking up twice a week to teach a class at the YMCA at 5:15 AM, and then there’s the Home School clubs, followed by normal practice schedules.

All that should equate to more customers/income, which I desperately need, but ugh!

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