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June 27, 2006 / TildeWill

The lumber bed

Lumber Bed with mattress“Will, aren’t you missing an ‘s’ in the title?” Nope! Today I assembled a bed I designed from standard finished lumber. I had been thinking about doing this since I moved to Florence (Y’all!) but I didn’t have the shop there. So here I have the shop in the garage and trust me when I say wood shavings got everywhere.

I had wanted a bed with a head board and something that was sturdy, but couldn’t find anything that I didn’t think would squeak for a reasonable price. I kept thinking back to my bed in Jefferson Commons. It was really just a mattress on wood slats in a tube metalLumber Bed Frame frame.

So I took some paper and a pen, and three hours when i couldn’t sleep anyway. I came out with a drawing and a materials list. The construction was based on the standard porch design I had learned so many years ago at ASP. I included a head board that was right off the posts and had some rails and a nice shelf on top for my alarm clock and other junk I wanted to set up there at night.

Lumber Bed with WillAfter thirty minutes of having the guy at Home Depot cut my wood for me I was ready to rock. Three days later I had a new bed. I still need to paint or stain it, but it sleeps well enough and seems to meet all my requirements quite nicely. I even gave my old frame and box springs to my roomie much to his delight. Cost was just under $150 after all was said and done and all the parts fit in my Taurus.

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