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May 4, 2006 / TildeWill

[Mis]Adventures in home rental

Today I decided to tackle my weed problem. I knew it would mean some money, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bottle of weed killer in the spray was a mere $5. I grabbed one and I was off spraying. Spraying. Spraying. And about one third of the way through the lawn, I was done spraying. Not because there were no more weeds, but it seemed that I was out of weed killer. Doh!

Back at the hardware store I notice the fertilizer/weed killer that you spread over the lawn is like $11 for a huge bag. So that’s even better than the sprayers, but now I’ve got to get a spreader. So that was an extra $25 but at least I’ll get a lifetime of use out of that. Next, problem… must be applied to lawn when wet…

I’ve got a hose, I’ve got a sprayer, I’ve got an outdoor spicket… so I connect it up, turn the knob [dramatic pause] nothing. I look in the nozzle, pull the trigger [more drama pauses] still nothing. So the water must be shut off, or the pipe is busted, and as I’m walking down in the basement I’m hoping it is the later of the two.

I flip up the cellar door and flip the switch [you know what], no lights. So I dig out my flash light and some fresh bulbs and I change those. Then I get to the task. I find a knob, turn, no change. I turn it back. I find another know, turn, no change. So now I’m walking inside an out trying to trace where this faucet really is. Finally I find it and after a few minutes I find a third knob, turn it, voilà! So now I have water to moisten the ground to spread the fertilizer, to kill the weeds…

But by this point it is time to go to work. Ah the joys.


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