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April 26, 2006 / TildeWill

Hump day already!

It seems like I just got home from Cinci and here the week is half over. This upcoming weekend is not a Kris weekend ::cries:: but it is a fencing weekend. She’s going into her finals so it’s probably best that I’m not there to distract her though I will miss her. The tournament is in Fort Wayne, IN. I’ll be reffing (otherwise I’d be going to a tourney in Indy which is about 2 hours closer) and there’s fencer going from all of my clubs, RCF, Jefferson High, and UC Clermont! It’s like a big me fencing party.

This morning and the first half of the afternoon I spent doing yard work. And I’m not talking about mowing the lawn, I’m talking about preparing to mow the lawn. There were some trees growing in my bushes that I cut down. I also trimmed a lot of the pine tree branches so I don’t get whacked in the face when I mow under them. I managed to pull a fair number of weeds along the way, but that project has not truly begun. There’s also a chunk of yard behind my garage that is a good setting for a wasteland so it will need attention at some point too. All I know is that my new gloves rock and the mini tree saw I bought 0wnz all the plant life in my yard!

Let’s not forget that there’s grass growing out of the gutters… good times ahead!


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