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April 25, 2006 / TildeWill

April is almost over

So that of course means March is almost here! Wait, no… May. Stupid “M” months *grumble*. Anyway I wanted to say that everything looks like it will be ok. The numbers at RCF mean that I’ll be able to pay rent and eat. It’ll be tight of course, no trips to the gentleman’s club or anything like that.

The upgrades to the facility are just about completed (as far as my budget will allow) and so it’s easier to repair weapons and equipment is better organized. We’re anticipating some new customers thanks to the health fair too. In addition, I’ll have a new roomie to help split the bills with.

So basically I’m successful. I don’t have to admit defeat yet and get another job. Though I’ve got a couple of endeavors over the summer and some of the fencers will disappear for family vacations and alternative sports so I’ll be looking to ref as much as possible and supplement the RCF income. Thanks to everyone and all your support so far!

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