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April 24, 2006 / TildeWill

When your mom tells you not to put orange seeds in your ear…

When your mom tells you not to put orange seeds in your ear...This weekend I went to Cincinnati to visit Kris. I got in Friday night and she showed me the oranges that her mother gave us for easter. Somewhere in there she put one on my ear and took a picture. I made the face you see… and I guess that’s the end of the story.

Beauty and ConcreteWe went to Sawyer Point because it was a beautiful day. We also got up too late to go to the Newport Aquarium as we had initially planned, but this worked out and we got to do a lot of things Kris hadn’t done yet. She really enjoys the cherry blossom trees. She does not enjoy the way I take pictures. I had a lot of fun at the park showing her my favorite places to sit and think about the people passing by. There was also a company that would rent bikes to you by the hour and they had a tandem bike! For the longest time I’ve always wanted a girlfriend and a tandem bike so next time we go back and she’s got pants on we’re so riding tandem!

Will at Sawyer PointSome other highlights included going to her parent’s place for a “BBQ”, which was actually a small feast consisting of delicious steak, salmon, vegetables, bread, and other fine things. OMG it’s nice to date a woman in a family that can cook well! We also dined at Brio in Newport. I had some really great pasta with chicken and bacon. Bacon just makes everything better. Got a headache? Bacon! Global warming? Bacon! End of days? Well… at least you’ll die on a full stomach with bacon. Did I mention I love bacon in my food?


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  1. HappyBerryNeko / Apr 24 2006 10:29 pm

    bacon = eww

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