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April 10, 2006 / TildeWill

Crazy Mrs. Russel

Every neighborhood block has one, a crazy Mrs. Russell. The woman who has been there since before there was a house for her to live in, the one who knows everyone’s business and habits, and of course is quick to point out everyone else’s faults despite having many of her own.

When my parents came to check out the house they ran into a woman who talked to them for nearly half an hour. This woman, Joan, told them everything about the projects the previous owner was doing to the house, things about the neighborhood, and so on. So I had a sneaking suspicion this was the same woman when I got a note reading:

I am a neighbor –
turn Off the
garage lite –
none of us appreciate
it! –

620 S 21st Street
Mrs Russell

Indeed my parents confirmed that “Joan” lived at the same address. So I did the Will-thing and I went over to 620 (nearly a full block away from my house) and introduced myself to see just what the problem was. Was the light shining in her window a block away? Was it just unsightly? Did it lure in a bad crowd? I didn’t know.

So I offered to get a motion sensor installed so I could see when I pulled into my driveway and she said that would solve the problem. So far, Russell: 1, Read: 0.



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  1. Nick / Apr 11 2006 11:46 am

    You should tell her that if she would like she can take up a collection and you will use that to buy a motion sensor and install it. Or tell her to go to sleep when it gets dark as old people need to more rest than young wipper snappers like you. Or jsut “Quit looking at my Garage!” and get some Odor-eaters Old woman's shoe house

  2. Nick / Apr 11 2006 12:00 pm

    sorry for bad grammer and spelling, the written word and I don’t get along.

    Another suggestion Curtains or Blinds? or Curtains for her! *Evil Laugh*

  3. lina / Apr 12 2006 3:42 pm

    Interesting issue. What about the light bothered her? Just that it was on? That’s like bitching about a porch light or something. Amyway you could just change the angle instead of putting in a sensor? Was it an issue when the previous renter used it?

    Gah I just hate meddlesome neighbors! As long as she isn’t as bad as “Bob” you’ll be fine ^_^

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