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April 7, 2006 / TildeWill

I’m off to see the girlfriend…

… the wonderful girlfriend of OH (that’s Ohio)! Tomorrow morning I’ll take off bright and early to travel down to Cincinnati to see Kris and possibly a Kyle and company for some hot hot rock climbing later in the weekend. Kris and I plan to finally hit up the Krohn Conservatory together and enjoy some of the nice weather this weekend. She has also been wanting to do more art for herself and so I’m going to bring my sketch book and we will art together.

Somewhere in there Kris and I will probably have a chat about my fiscal outlook. I know she concerned (just like Nick and Mike ^_^ ) that I am going to wind up living in a dumpster. My mom came to town today and took me out to lunch and I talked to her about it. She reminded me that it just means that Kris cares ^^ (which I knew) and that I just needed to do my best explaining how important it  is to me to give my full attention to my fencing club.

But regardless of the conversation’s outcome, I know she and I will both have fun and it’ll be a good rejuvenation of our relationship to see each other again.

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