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March 28, 2006 / TildeWill

Moving Advice

When moving, do not lose the keys to the U-Haul. Thankfully I didn’t ignore this advice this past weekend. People showed up as planned around 9:30 and packing was underway. My mom did a great job of making sure that everything was well packaged and the guys did a good job of moving the big heave shit I wanted no part of. After a minor hang up with the tape, Nick ran and got more and we were back on track. We were right on the Will Read schedule so my parents treated everyone to lunch when I discovered, “I can’t find the keys to the U-Haul!”.

Now I didn’t lose them. I knew exactly where they were. I put them in my coat pocket. It just so happened that it was a different coat and that that coat had been packed away in the depths of all my belongings. Whoops. And as all things lost go, it was in the last place I looked (because then I stopped looking), lol. So we got on the road and a few Purdue-types helped me unload here in Lafayette. The house needs a lot of work that should have been done by my land lord before I moved in. But it is a good house to learn about houses in. And it’s just 2.3 miles from work!



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  1. Nick / Apr 2 2006 6:16 pm

    Working? I thought that you didn’t work anymore, lol. You QUIT Remember :).

  2. Nick / Apr 4 2006 10:17 am

    “And it’s just 2.3 miles from work!” You work? I distinctly remember you quiting… I’m still not sure about how I feel when you call you dumpster a house either. Glad you fond the key. Have fun.

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