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March 19, 2006 / TildeWill

The Toilet Seat

One thing I will never understand is the timeless portrayal of women being upset at men for not putting down the toilet seat. It is true that I’ve never heard such a complaint in real life, but with the rampant comedy of this situation on TV and in movies I assume there must be some degree of truth to it.

Why are women so upset that men don’t put the seat down? Lets assume that these men are “lazy”. This is a fair assumption since if they were not lazy, they could lift the seat AND put the seat down and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But since these men are lazy they only do half of the job and lift the seat. Now if they instead leave the seat down, then instead of the stray urine and fallen pubic hairs being on the bowl edge, they are now on the seat where you plan to sit.

What about the complaint, “But if the seat is up and it is dark, I fall in the bowl.”? Well my first question is “Why are you peeing in the dark?”, honestly. My other point is that you have never heard a man complain “I fell in the bowl last night while taking a dump in the dark.” Clearly if these same lazy men who can’t put the lid down can pause long enough to see if the lid is down, then the women who are complaining the seat is up can do the same.

So while everyone spends some time getting over it, I’m going to stick to my pissing on stoops thank-you-very-much.


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  1. lina / Mar 20 2006 2:20 pm

    Well, when you are 1/2 assleep and used to the seat being down…

    Anyway I think the complaint is more valid that the lid isn’t closed. Most of the time, at least when we’re talking about a house, a bathroom looks more neat and tidy when the toilet is closed. In general the women have been the ones to care for the home while the men are out hunting and gathering at their 9-5. So it’s in general that the women are complaining of the less tidy men.

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