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March 10, 2006 / TildeWill

The Sad Truth

Aside from the headaches of dealing with people while on contract for web development, there is another reason I got out of that free lancing business. That reason being that I no longer know enough. When the internet was just HTML and images, I was teaching myself JavaScript and I was hot stuff. Only a few people were doing things server side and no customer of mine wanted any such web site. Then I learned PHP and database design and I was king of the hill. But now there’s all kinds of technologies and browsers to meet all kinds of demands. There are tools to syndicate your content and even to get your media on to people’s portable music players. You can create different web sites for mobile devices and interact with phones and PDAs.

It’s too much for one me to handle. And to top it all off I’m not a great designer.

If I were to get back into it I’d need a team, and by being on a team it makes the business end so much more complex. Besides, people will tell you I don’t work as well with others as I’d like to think I do. I love the internet, but there’s too much to stay up to date on. Maybe when I clone myself I’ll have a solution. Until then I think I’m out of the web biz unless someone else needs me for a project here and there, but they can handle the business part, not me.

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