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March 1, 2006 / TildeWill

It Smelled Like Spring

I walked outside today at lunch time and it smelled like Spring. That fresh new growth time, the time when I start to say “time to get those ducks in a row” so I can reap the rewards in the Fall. I don’t know if it being lunch time helped or not, but it smelled like freedom. I recently had a conversation with Kris about my first trip to Purdue. I was 17, I had my Ford F150, and a duffel bag in the bed, and I was heading to Purdue for a week long “Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects” (aka STEP). It was the first time I had gone more than 20 miles form home on my own and it was a long trip, nearly 300 miles.

I got out of Michigan and I rolled down the window, put my shades on, and unbuttoned my shirt all the way and let the air hit my face. If you ask me what freedom feels like, it feels like those 300 miles. And the smell, it smelled like it did today.


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