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February 16, 2006 / TildeWill

To Press Or Not To Press

Today was end of the year bonus check day. So the company shared some of its profits with the employees who make it profitable. Unfortunately, those who started after Jan 1, 2005 are excluded from that group. So that includes yours truly.

My philosophy has always been “it’s a BONUS” not part of the regular pay so I have no reason to expect it. Not getting it shouldn’t be an issue. However, this, more than other incentives is supposed to be tied to our personal performance. I’d like to think that in the first nine months of my employment I did mildly better than 0%. I understand I shouldn’t take it personally because I was pre-disqualified.

We’re not talking chump change here either. And with my pending leave on the horizon, the more cash I can get my hands on the better. So those are motivating factors, but then I don’t foresee myself having any great level of success.

On the upside, gas is just $1.99/gallon so it’s kind of like getting a bonus from the oil companies.

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