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February 16, 2006 / TildeWill

Another Fine Date

Kris came over last night as planned. She enjoyed a bath while I played chef in the kitchen. We had the soup for which my parents gave me the ingredients along with some bread and wine. We did not watch a movie which was partially by design because the conversation was so good. I felt like I got some further insight into Kris and what makes her tick. I got to “show off” my lame-o drawings and some of my trinkets around my room.

I like the sickeningly cute stuff that Kris does. Like press my nose with her finger and makes a “beep” or sometimes “cannoli” if I’m lucky. Or how she’ll pat my head when I’m being ridiculous. I also like how she’ll poke my mid section to exact her revenge. I like the way she smiles at me and how she knows when I’m thinking about something and always asks me “What?”.

I like that she was over until two in the morning and how energetic I am despite the lack of sleep ^_^


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