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February 12, 2006 / TildeWill

Shaking and Stirred

Yesterday was an all-day date with Kris. And it was fabulous. It was fencing in the morning at Miami University. I started to get a little miffed when it was time for registration to close and none of the strips were set up. I had to lead the set up of not one, not two, but all three strips. It was more or less self reffed, and I was in the pool with Les who couldn’t call right of way to save his life.

Side note: I also didn’t get my new blade in time because my apartment complex’s office is still holding it hostage. So I had one dead weapon going in and my other turned out to be less than stellar.

But Kris was there and every time I stated to get worked up she was there smiling and I remembered it was just fencing and that if fencing ran late that it just meant more time with her. I did well enough in the pools to get a buy the first round of DEs but took a dive in the second round because I hadn’t been practicing, equipment wasn’t holding up its end of the bargain, and my opponent just fenced against me well. Sometimes that happens and you just have to lose gracefully and hit the showers. Kris said she felt cultured to be watching fencing. It was nice to be reminded that not everyone has seen fencing; the first of several things that day I would realize I had forgotten.

kissAfter lunch it was then Kris’s turn to show me what her life is about, so we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum. CAM is the former home of her college, the AAC so she actually went to class the first year in a annex to CAM. We walked around and stopped at the things we liked, I quizzed her on why she liked a certain piece, and probably got annoying in my speculation of what the people and animals were thinking or doing. For me, that’s what I like about good art, is imagining what the characters are feeling.

A lot of it made me want to take up the potter’s wheel again, but I never liked glazing so unless I could find someone who would glaze my work, it would probably be ill advised. I really enjoyed seeing Kris in her element, sharing what she’s learned about art and how it affects her.

Women + Snakes = B-A-D, bad in Will Read’s book. If you had a statue made of yourself, how would you pose, and what face would you have?

Finally movie and dinner! I picked out Office Space , from her collection. And it was perfect, funny, with romance, and something I’ve seen a million times so it’s okay to talk over it. And Kris has a terrific couch that is great for the cuddling. Eventually I remembered how to sit so that both of us could get out legs up on the couch instead of one person looking like he’s half falling off ^^. She prepared a great meal (save the Will burning himself and the sauce incident) and we eventually managed to get the wine open. She is the great cook that she’s been telling me about and I look forward to the next time I enjoy the privilege of eating something she has prepared.

After cleaning up we settled in and just poked and prodded each other’s brains (and sides, lol) through some great conversation. And in there somewhere, we kissed, and she kissed me in a way that made me feel… I wasn’t sure I could ever feel that way again. It must have showed because she told me she liked the “passion” behind my kisses too. I have always believed that I’m only as good of a romantic as my partner. If that is indeed the case then she is most assuredly outstanding.


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