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February 9, 2006 / TildeWill

I don’t think you appreciate the gravity of the situation…

Rock climbing tonight as is standard. Kyle and I ventured to a new lead climb route. Previously we had only gone up the 5.9- that we got tested on. It’s not a hard route in my book. The new one, a 5.9+, a little more tricky.

And by tricky I mean I burnt my arms out and got myself in a spot where I couldn’t down climb and take a rest. So it meant it was time to fall. So I tell Kyle “Falling”, he readied himself, I readied myself, and I let go of the wall. Down I went, and down, and suddenly I’m looking at Kyle and he’s a lot closer than he was a second ago, but I’m stopped. I’m safe. I’m not freaking out.

Then Mike, the pastor who is always on the wall, is up in the observation deck, he offers his advice. I graciously accept it, and up I go. The rest of the wall provides a challenge but I stick to the rock. When I get down, they point out a nice rope burn I got on my right shoulder, I guess this means I need to start wearing shirts with sleeves if I’m going to be falling anymore. So to the ladies at RockQuest who love to see the gun show, I send my sincerest apologies.

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