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January 31, 2006 / TildeWill

Fear The Man

So my coworker is afraid of our boss. I’m not talking the usual fear of acting inappropriately. I’m talking about when he needs information our boss has, he will ask everyone else before he asks the boss man. Since this is getting tedious we’ll call the coworker Carl, and the boss Bryan. Now the problem isn’t new. Carl has always been slow to get projects done. And Bryan has never made Carl’s life any easier. I remember one time riding with Bryan and we saw Carl on the side of the road. Bryan, our boss, flicked him off. Carl doesn’t communicate well with anyone. He’s admittedly hard to talk to and be productive and he rarely takes any initiative or accepts blame.

I’ve heard from several sources that Bryan wants to fire Carl, and I am pretty sure Carl knows. That’s all fine and dandy, not my decision, but in the meantime it’s hard for me to work when I’m constantly hounded by Carl and he isn’t getting the work done that he should be because he’s unwilling to ask for help from the right source. Gawd.


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