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January 11, 2006 / TildeWill

What they don’t tell you

Over my years and again recently thanks to a gift from a friend I’ve read about how to meet/ pick up women. The very first rule is that you have to be willing to walk away. What they don’t tell you is that the same holds true when you go to break up with a woman. If someone had come to me before I broke up with most of my girlfriends and said “Will, you can break up with her, but would you still do it if it meant you will have to walk away?” my answer would more times than not be “Nope.”

When I break up with someone it is usually because while I still enjoy her company, I do not want to tie myself to that one person for the rest of my life. More times than not, the result is that I never speak to that person again. It is frustrating because there’s a very high level of compatibility, otherwise I would not have pursued a relationship, and then that person along with all the trust and time I’ve invested in is gone. What’s worse is that the only one to blame is myself for having false expectations.

Few things eat away at a Will Read the way deceiving himself does. Now I know.

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