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January 9, 2006 / TildeWill

Too Long Since I Posted

So much happened in the last five days! I need to blog more. First off my boss made it back from Spain finally. I don’t know if I’m happy or not, but at least he’s a little more accessible. Yesterday I went to a coworker’s epiphany dinner. Epiphany is when the 3 wise men made it to Jesus (12 days after he was born). My coworker’s family treats this as the day of gift giving and doesn’t open present until then. It is crazy. And it was crazier to be invited to someone else’s Christmas like that. It made me feel really special. I also went rock climbing yesterday. We only had 45 minutes before RockQuest closed so it was two climbs each, but they were both 5.10s which means I kick ass.

Saturday was a different story all together. I went to Columbus OH to visit Jenny and Anthony at Ohayo Con. Ohayo Con is an anime convention. If you’ve never been to one then you’re kind of missing out… ish. With all the underage girls running around in skimpy costumes I told someone “Today was a bad day to give up little girls”. Joking of course… I would never give up little girls! LOL! That was a joke too. Sex with minors = B-A-D BAD. But it was good to see J & A and catch up a little. Jenny also hooked me up with some delicious pumpkin bread.

I am in the process of ordering patches for RCF. In doing so I opened another can of worms that I’ll save for my blog on RCF.


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