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January 2, 2006 / TildeWill

New Years 2006

So far I’m looking at spending my New Year’s at Kyle’s brother’s neighbor’s place. I figure it’ll be way cheaper than doing something else in town (stuff runs around $80/person and caters towards couples). I’m hoping there’ll be some lady types to talk to while I’m there too. All I really want is to be in good company and have champagne to toast with at midnight.

I’ve talked about this in past posts, but New Year’s is a way better holiday for me than Christmas. No gifts to give, just people sharing their company and no direct religious ties. I’ve stopped making resolutions as I always tend to have a set of goals for myself and making resolutions on a time table just seems to cheapen the process of setting realistic obtainable goals to me. So instead what I like to do is look back at where I was a year ago and compare that to where I am now and maybe look ahead a little bit to my plans for 2006.

Last Year

  • Last year I was living in a one bedroom apartment in West Lafayette, IN. The location was pretty terrible as it was far away from everything I needed to get to. The place was ok inside, but the kitchen was right out of the 1960’s. Now I’m living in a two bedroom in Florence, KY with no room mate and I wish I had a one bedroom apartment because it feels empty.
  • Last year I had a good handful of friends close by: Nads, Anne, Joe, Levy, Mark, Mario, Adrienne, etc. Parents were just a half hour away too if I ever needed to get away. Now I’ve got different friends close by: Kyle, the Funks, Jacqui, Clint, and Brittany isn’t too far from where I work when a change of scenery is in order.
  • Last year I was working in a factory as a programmer. This year I’m working in a different factory as a programmer. Later this year I’ll neither be working in a factory nor programming.
  • Last year I was dating Meg and was hung up on an ex. Now I’m not dating Meg and my feelings for my ex have changed. That doesn’t mean I like being single, and it isn’t for lack of trying.
  • Last year I had no formal knowledge of coaching fencing. Now I’ve been to coach’s college, I’ve been head coach for a University, and I’ve traveled around the East Coast learning how to run a club. I’m ready to be what I was uncertain I was a year ago.
  • Last year I couldn’t get enough Dunkin’ Donuts. Now I’ve eaten enough to last me a while.
  • Last year I just got my cell phone. Now I don’t know how I got anything done without it.
  • Last year I probably averaged 10-15 miles in my car per day. Now I’m on the road roughly three hours a day.

What’s strange though is that it doesn’t feel like a new year. Back in school, New Year’s always meant a new semester, a new start, all prior academic transgressions were forgotten. Now that I’m out of school all that New Year’s means is that I have to start thinking about taxes. Lame.


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