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December 8, 2005 / TildeWill

Crazy Climb and Ideas

Last night Kyle, Trent, and myself took the first of three classes to be certified to lead climb. So far all we’ve done is climbing with a top rope, so the person on the ground just takes in the slack as the climber goes up the wall. With lead climbing, the climber takes the rope up with him, and clips in along the way. The person on the ground has to switch between feeding out rope as the climber climbs and taking in the slack after he hits a clip-in. Typically in a top rope situation, you’ll fall 2-3 feet. In a lead climb situation you have the potential to fall 10-15 feet. As the person on the ground you don’t anchor in to the floor, so if there’s a weight differential you have to prepare to get launched into the air yourself. Danger++

After talking to Jacqui about why 3 out of the 5 fencing clubs I visited were run by women I decided that the solution to all of my fears could be washed away by having a sugar mama to make sure I have a roof over my head and food on the table. Not to mention moral support too. On the slightly more realistic side, Kyle asked me what my stance was on getting loans and financial gifts from friends and family to help the growth of RCF. I told him I’d be happy to accept such things, but that I really want to save those for when I go to build the new facility for RCF. Though even then I’m leery of the money-friendship combination. My experience has always been that loans or even gifts put a large amount of stress on any relationship. Though I don’t know where else the money will come from other than friends and family, my enemies don’t really seem to open up their pocket book for me too often.

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