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December 4, 2005 / TildeWill

Where I Can Do Some Good

I figured it out. Ever since my first job I’ve never really felt content. Why? Because I quickly discover that I’m not in a position to do a large amount of good, for the company, or for the community. Fencing, now fencing I can do some good.

In Indiana, people all over the state know me. I’ve now made contacts with national coaches. People look to me when they want to know about fencing. Somehow I managed to become some sort of fencing authority in the past six years. I can do something for fencing.

Through fencing I can teach people how to fence, and I can teach them how to be respectful of others. That’s why in April, I’ll go back to Lafayette to be a coach/owner full time.

in summary, I love fencing because I have a good shot at doing something great.


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