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November 26, 2005 / TildeWill

I got jealous of a dog

Tonight my brother’s fiancee, Becky, brought her dog over. Now bearing mind that she and my brother, Jon, refer to this dog as their “child” or “kid”. My parents call it their grandchild. That weirds me out enough. But my family has Beau, who is 13 years old and has always been grouchy, something age hasn’t helped with. When he first me Kalie (Becky & Jon’s dog) he sniffed, then growled, then sniffed, and more growling. He’s fickle, that’s how he is. So when they weren’t holding the leashes of either dog and just letting them hang out I expressed my concern. Sure enough a few moments later the dogs went at it.

What upset me was when our dog, Beau, in his own house was put in his room, punished, and Kalie was set free to roam about the house as she pleased, a luxury which Beau himself does not enjoy. It made me feel like my dog was being replaced. It made me angry.

I guess thinking about it, I kind of felt that way about myself this Thanksgiving. We had two dinners at Becky’s family place, and the majority of the free time we had in between was spent addressing Jon’s car problems and shopping for a new car (he was hit by another person and the truck sustained heavy damage, but will not be totaled). I had hoped to talk to my parents about getting their aid in my endeavor to grow RCF, but somehow the timing just didn’t seem right.

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