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November 21, 2005 / TildeWill


On my way up to Purdue Friday night I got to looking at my trip odometer. Over the previous three days I had been averaging 170 miles a day on my car. Then I was like “holy crap! That’s 3+ hours in the car alone!!!” And so I ran the numbers. 24 hours in a day, minus the 8 hours of sleep I try to get (it’s somewhere between 9 and 7) = 16 hours. 9 hours at work, means there’s a mere 7 hours left. Subtract out the 3.5 for driving, and the 2 hours I spend fencing or rock climbing and that gives me a whopping 1.5 hours each day to eat, shower, get dressed, etc and then get ready for bed and somehow take care of my apartment and car, and do laundry.

So when I was eating dinner with my parents on Sunday and they asked me if I had made any new friends or spent any more time looking for a girlfriend I responded with “When!?!”. No wonder I keep making friends with people I see on the weekends when I travel, it’s the only time I have to do so.

Speaking of which. I made it home safely last night, though not until 12:30 am. After dinner I made it about 40 miles s before pulling over to sleep. An hour later I made it another 10 miles before taking a two hour nap. After that I was ready to rock all the way home. I was up at Purdue for the Purdue Fencing Open and Griffin Grapple to be a referee. Both events went well especially since there was a surplus of directors (omg too many directors!!!! there is a heaven!). I stayed with AnneR and she was a kick ass host as always with fine cookies and spacious floor. After the first day of fencing we all retired to buffalo Wild Wings where I got to talk fencing politics and philosophy with Paul and some of the older people there. I think the best part is being back in Indiana fencing where everybody knows my name.

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