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November 18, 2005 / TildeWill

My Coke Says

“Give Live Love”. I guess that’s the phrase of the holiday. Not a bad one if you ask me. Though it only has the lame polar bears on it. I like the old styled images of Santa better.

The spammer found my Yahoo! email address somehow. F***ers!

Two nights ago I had a crazy dream where I was in a purple suit running and dancing all over the place, lip syncing to Tom Jones’s “It’s Not Unusual”. It was a cross between a commercial shoot and something out of a 70’s dance club. The only problem was that I was drooling uncontrollably, and shaking my head while singing and dancing made slobber go everywhere. So I’m trying to look like I’m singing while covering my mouth. Strangely the ladies didn’t seem to mind. When ya got it ya got it.


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