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November 16, 2005 / TildeWill

157 miles ago…

I was still in bed. It was 6:15 and my alarm clock was just going off. 34 miles later I was pulling into work. I realized I enjoy driving alone in the morning and being able to think. I sat at work, working, and thinking about my pending trip to New York, Buffalo, and Boston in a few weeks to pursue other fencing club operations. Three o’clock rolled around soon enough (leaving early to go coach fencing at UCC) and I was off. Another 34 miles later I found myself at my apartment complex picking up my guitar since FedEx dropped it off at the office. Then right back on the road to fencing. 48 miles later I’m teaching people how to fence while being interviewed for the school paper. It seems someone got the idea in their head that I have something to do with the success of the UCC fencing club. While they are not wrong, I’m not the only factor at play there. But I did reveal that I make special arrangements at work and drive an hour and a half to get there, all of a sudden people started asking me how they could repay me, to which my only reply was “Keep fencing so I can keep coaching.”

I should have known then. 157 miles ago if you had asked me if I would move to Lafayette for sure within the year or if I might stay in Cinci I would have told you only one person could keep me here. I should have known then that the real love of my life, fencing, had designs of her own.

I had told Kyle last night at Xavier that I was going to go to Salle Du Lion tonight and that he should come too. So after a long practice at UCC, back in the car. it was probably a good 26 miles later that I found myself at Salle Du Lion where people were heading home for the night. It was indeed a sad moment, but Karay was asking me how I’d been and what coach’s college was like over the summer. She mentioned that there had been a mutiny and that she was running things. I was a little surprised, but Lloyd had said he was trying to step down the fencing so it wasn’t so big of a surprise that my brain couldn’t handle it.

It was then that she started talking to me about how things there are going to change, add structure, and how the website needed to not suck (Thank you!!!!). Since I had been to coach’s college now and I’ve run my own fencing business she wanted my input on all this stuff. At that point I knew that fencing had split me between Lafayette and Cincinnati. I mentioned my trip to New York and Boston and she wanted to tag along. 157 miles later I’m home, more excited than ever before.

In my brain I tell myself that I can get UCC and SDL to a point where they will be well on their way to new success, and the things I will have learned by then will have me ready to tackle my own challenge of RCF head on. That’s the mentality that will let me sleep tonight instead of grappling with which option is more important/realistic.


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  1. Jacqui / Nov 17 2005 7:05 am

    This was a very well-written post. 🙂

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