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November 14, 2005 / TildeWill

Today was mildly crazy…

…for lots of reasons. Like for one, we went to the China Buffet and my fortune cookie says “You need a new environment. Go on vacation.” and I had been making plans to travel around the Western half of the US to get a feel for how good fencing clubs work. I know the statement inside the cookie is vague enough to apply to everyone, but it is just a little crazy.

Then tonight I got home late because of the guys I car pool with and I may have missed a potential room mate. *sigh* So when I got to rock climbing, Kyle and Trent were already climbing. We normally have three so it wasn’t a big deal, but then a Christina comes out of no where and asks me if I want to climb with her.

“Gee, climb with a beautiful, young, successful woman, where I am obligated by the rules of the gym to watch her ass as she climbs the wall, let me think…. ummm, sure.”

So that went well. Though I will admit that she had been climbing for five years and me a mere three months. It really showed, and I felt a bit inadequate. At the end I told her we climb in threes all the time and next time she shows up to just grab one of us. Before you go getting any ideas, she has a fiancee.

AnneR says I should go whole hog on the fencing. By next April when my leases are up, anything could happen.

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