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November 12, 2005 / TildeWill

Fencing Train

Maybe I just get too easily excited about fencing. I went to Lafayette today and came back tonight. Kyle came along. The main event was the director’s clinic. AnneR was kind enough to help me out and make sure I hit all the high points. Levy, Mark Brandyberry, and Kyle all took the class. I feel better know that they’ve gone through the class and I hope all three of them will direct next Saturday at the Purdue Open.

Also on the agenda was the exploration of a potential property for RCF to expand to, and to discuss the current status of the club. The church was a bust. Too much unusable space downstairs and too small of a main central area (sanctuary) upstairs. Everyone seemed to think that the price was high for a fencing club. When we all sat down and talked about the club I got two things: 1) we need a full time coach with or without the move, 2) we need some more equipment, and 3) everyone would be glad to have me back in town.

Well, Kyle I like to think would like me to stay in Cinci. I do enjoy spending time with him. He suggested I build a fencing club here in Cinci. I guess I feel that there’s too much competition here: Salle Du Lion, UCC, Xavier, Miami of Ohio, Cincinnati Fencing Club, the list goes on. Though I don’t know of any high school programs which seems to be RCF’s main pull.

Growing RCF back in Lafayette would mean a change in location and lifestyle. I have no idea where I would get the funding for such a change. I don’t know how I’d devote as much attention I want to fencing and get a job. I wouldn’t want to have another job is what it boils down to.

Anyone want to loan me $500,000 to make a dream a reality? I promise to pay you back within 30 years. I can offer my first born or soul as collateral (just kidding).

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