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November 8, 2005 / TildeWill

I found them, all of them!

So it has always been the big question in my head, “Where do all the nice girls hang out?” and for the longest time I could not answer this question. Well a few weeks ago I found my answer. It was a place I had gone to as long as I had been getting an allowance. It was right there under my nose all this time. So here’s the thought process:

  • What do the nice girls do?
  • Well they’re probably at home, not out partying or doing the stuff I’m doing
  • Are they reading?
  • Maybe.
  • Are they drinking coffee?
  • Maybe.
  • Would they go to a bookstore that had both coffee AND books?
  • Sounds reasonable. *Goes to Barnes & Nobel*
  • Where are those nice girls?
  • Beats me. Maybe they’re at home knitting, lol
  • You’d be surprised how many female friends I have that knit dude
  • “Dude”?!?! What are you a surfer now?
  • Shut up! *light goes on*
  • Holy crap! I bet they are knitting and doing craft-like things!!!
  • You’re right, but how does that help?
  • Uhh, well they have to come out to get craft supplies at some point don’t they?
  • Yeah, true…wait a minute! You’re not suggesting we go into a craft store are you? I can feel our man hood weakening just by driving by one of those places. Are you sure we’re not gay?
  • Pretty sure, besides, it can’t be too damaging if we’re going in to find good wholesome women right?
  • True.
  • And while we’re there we can get some fabric for the outfit I’m making!
  • You are SO the gay

But yeah, craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics, Frank’s Nursery, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s have to be the largest stock hold of cute single women who need a little Will in their life. Now the question is to see if I can find a reason to spend a decent amount of time in there without having to buy stuff. Part time job anyone?



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  1. Anne / Nov 9 2005 12:31 pm

    That’s too funny- I know the feeling. I was thinking books and coffee too, but I think nice girls might make a cup of something and go for the comfortable window seat at home, where annoying people are absent. If you get a job at a craft store, let me know, I could use your kind of discount! (selfishly enjoying)


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