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November 4, 2005 / TildeWill

The Fencers Are Coming!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but there will be 13 fencers staying at my place tonight. I don’t think April is coming, she’s got tickets to Bon Jovi on Saturday from what I gather. Big Joe as well as AnneR will be fencing elsewhere. That doesn’t leave very many fencers that I know. I expect Graceful to be there. I need to do some cleaning and some rearranging but I think they’ll all fit.

Tomorrow is a crazy tournament at Xavier. Funk has arranged a three weapon mad house team event. I really don’t like the format, and it requires a lot of equipment and changing and it makes things slow. It’s also at Xavier and I really don’t click with any of the fencers there. At Purdue and at UCC I feel like I either am friends with everyone or I know their type. At Xavier I don’t know their type, everyone is so… off the wall. But the tourney is to bring in money for their club and I think that’s a good cause. Xavier reminds me of Minnesota’s team.

Kayle said he’d be coming over though, so that’ll be good, he’ll keep me sane and maybe I’ll play some Settlers of Catan. Maybe I’ll get some sleep too. Maybe not, I do have a big bed and floor space will be in high demand. Maybe I can get some giant hickey’s from that girl that Bruno hooked up with at IU. LOL


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