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November 1, 2005 / TildeWill

The Boss Man is Missing the Point

Last week I went on training for a new piece of machinery that our company is getting. This new piece is very similar to three other machines we have, and up until three weeks ago my department had nothing to do with them. The boss man has since acquired control of the areas that legitimately fall under our department description, but it seems that control was seized rather than given.

So this made it somewhat awkward at training since no one really seemed to know or admit what areas each department was responsible. As a consequence, the other department didn’t go out to dinner with me and my coworker. The dinner thing doesn’t bother me, but I do need an environment where we can work together. I don’t need hugs or high fives from everyone in the plant, but I do need to be able to get my job done without having to face a road block at every turn.

So the boss is upset that this other department won’t be friendly. He’s missed the point completely and he’s gotten upper management on the other department’s case now which isn’t helping. If anything it is turning a road block into a impasse.

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