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October 10, 2005 / TildeWill

No Fear

This past Saturday was the wedding. Anne C came down a few days early to see me and to go to a job interview in Loveland which is on the North side of Cinci. We went rock climbing with Kyle and his brother Trent. Friday Anne cooked me spaghetti with meatballs and then we hit up Newport on the Levee. We walked across the Purple People [Eater] Bridge and traipsed around in the park. Then off to the Haufbrau Haus for some beer and bench-dancing. There was a crazy old woman who initially was dancing alone, but later found some friends to shake it with. Old people are the best.

Saturday we made the journey to South Bend for the wedding. It was a nice wedding and it was great that it was in South Bend as opposed to Florida where the couple currently lives. The music was just what I hoped for, all the great party/dancing music of yore. What the title of this post is about is the garter toss.

It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. To start things off the DJ told the groom to throw it on the count of three… “One! Two! Two and a half!” … and the let it go but not very far realizing his preemptive launch. Even so, I was surprised that no one went for it. So they had him relaunch it. This time it was a good throw, but all the guys in the firing zone stepped back and let it fall to the ground.

After my moment of shock and horror realizing that no one was going to get it I dove to the ground claiming the garter as my own. Sadly there was no putting the garter on the leg of the bouquet catcher, so I wore the garter on my arm the rest of the evening. It just boggles my mind that if you don’t want to catch the garter, why are you on the floor in the first place, and second, who cares if you do catch it? It’s not like the wedding police are going to come to your door and make you get married. The worst thing that could happen is that you do have to put the garter on the leg of the sexy female you just watched catching the bouquet.

But then there was more dancing and more schmoozing with the bride and groom. I really felt good that even the groom’s parents were happy to see I made “the long trip up”. I didn’t think much of it before then, because seriously, if someone can’t plan to drive five hours with four month’s advanced notice, for [what is traditionally considered] a once in a life time event, then that person isn’t the friend you thought he was. Besides, weddings are the best.

Congrats to the two of you! May your happiness remain with you and may you continue to grow together!

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