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September 14, 2005 / TildeWill

More Climbing

Yesterday was day three of climbing at RockQuest. Kyle and I have gotten into a pretty good rhythm of Tuesday’s and Thursdays. This time around I tried out an alcove. This particular alcove had walls on three sides, and while there were some handholds, they were few and far between and you have to do what the climbing world calls “stemming”. Basically you have to do what you did in the dorm hallways when you wanted to hang out around the ceiling and put one foot on each of the opposing walls, same for your hands, and kind of work your way up. It’s a little easier mentally because you don’t have to think about you foot and hand placement as much. The downside is that if you fall while stemming, there’s nothing to slow you down but the rope and your belay partner.

The upside is that you use a slightly different muscle group, so if your forearms are shot from regular climbing, you can still crank out a stem and then call it a night. So far it’s been all I hoped the climbing would be. I get a good work out, I feel stronger, it’s fun, and it’s been a good bonding experience with Kyle. Last night I even made a few friends while waiting for Kyle to show up. I also just read that Wednesday nights are “ladies nights” where the entry fee is reduced by four bucks. I may have to show up a time or two for that if only to enjoy the “scenery”, lol.


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