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September 6, 2005 / TildeWill

Florence Y’All Baseball

I’m usually not a big fan of baseball, but going out to the park was on my list of things to do this summer. So when nick from work called and invited me out I was all for it. Minor league baseball is kinda fun, and the price was right. The seats were close and there was plenty of entertainment between innings to keep your attention. There was even goofy stuff like a beer batter, where if he struck out, beer was just a buck.

What was more important was the chance to socialize with work people outside of a work environment. Yeah Nick and I cut up at lunch and carpooling pretty well, but I got to meet his whole family and chat with his wife a bit. It’s always fascinating to see the other sides of people, and it feels good to show off another side of myself.

It also felt warm to be invited out to stuff. Between this and rock climbing I was a social butterfly. A lot of times back at Purdue I felt like I had to organize a lot of the gatherings because I was the “old guy”, and it’s nice for a change to just show up and for people to be excited I’m there as opposed to my presence being expected. I really like this life of mine and the friends that I’m making.


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