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September 6, 2005 / TildeWill

Climb On!

Tonight I went rock climbing with Kyle (aka Whitey) and good times were had by all. The place is RockQuest on the upper east side of Cinci putting it not too far from Salle Du Lion. I signed up for the monthly membership for a mere $50/month. I got my instruction on tying knots and tending the rope for a climber and we were on our way. I think what really sold it for me was Kyle telling me about the great workout, but when I think about it, I’d never pay $50 to be a member of a regular gym.

So why climbing? Well for one it strikes me as an activity that’s a little more social than lifting weights. As I found out tonight it requires a larger bit of thought than one might initially guess. When I had been climbing before my only goal was to get to the top, not a bad goal for someone who is fourteen and mildly afraid of heights. But now that I’m down with heights and my brain is a little sharper I took to the routes they have out on the wall. It limits the number of foot holds and hand holds you can take advantage of and you really have to think about “ok, if I put my hand here, where is my foot going to go after that?”

That last sentence kind of reminds me of other activities *wink*.

So I guess it reminds me of fencing in a way, yeah, you can just brute force it, but that’ll only take you so far. It works out to be a lot less monotonous than spending time in a traditional gym, and you’re there with a friend. And who am I to complain if the women there are all pretty fit and wearing tight clothing? 🙂

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