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September 6, 2005 / TildeWill

Campout recap

Yeah, third post in under an hour, you’re probably overwhelmed, but it is only fair since I deprived you of posts for over four days. After work Friday Kyle and I headed north to a camp site about an hour away from Columbus. It was a decent enough site, but not quite as magical as our usual spot in Chain O’ Lakes.

I had gone up with some intention of seeing if Anne C wanted to pursue a relationship, but it was a slow and drawn out plan. So much to my surprise (and delight) she catches me off guard and asks me pretty much the same question before I’ve even finished unloading the car! So it was good times from then on out.

The fire was going and the conversation was ripe for a Will so I came in and made sure all the new people knew that there was no line when Will Read was in town. Lots of laughs ensued and we found our way to bed by fire light. The next morning I was up for preparing breakfast. The alleged milk did not make an appearance so I had to run to Walmart to get some (the camp store wasn’t going to open until later and my teats were dry from the milking the night before by your mom *oh snaps!*). So I cooked pancakes one by one and they all got eaten before I could even put ’em on a plate, no one died, so I guess they were alright.

We broke out the boccie ball and frisbee along with card games and enjoyed some peaceful conversation amongst ourselves. It was different having a baby with us and interesting to get to know new people like Matt and some of the old-new people I met back at OhayoCon last year. I had forgotten to warn Anne and Kyle that you can count on at least 50% of the conversations will revolve around anime, WoW, movie/TV,internet quotes, or some combination thereof. On the upside everyone seemed to get along and common ground was found while everyone shared in their unique experiences.

More food, more sleeping, some alcohol, good company, and then a sad drive back knowing that the next day held work for us all.


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  1. Jennifer / Sep 8 2005 12:40 pm

    Everyone I’ve talked with seems to want to do this camping twice a year instead of once, especially the newbies. That tells you right there how well the weekend went. I only heard one gripe about people and although mutial it wasn’t bad.

    Next time around we can’t camp in KKK ville though. Eugene didn’t seem to mind much but I sure as hell did. Some of the comments from the rednecks made me want to lynch them.

    What do you think about going both on Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2006?

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