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August 23, 2005 / TildeWill

The roommate saga part II

—Last Week’s Conversation

(18:51:23) margret_powel01: hello
(18:54:57) readwl: hi, I’ve got to step away for 2 minutes, I’ll be right back
(18:55:06) margret_powel01: ok
(18:57:32) readwl: alright, sorry about that. I’m back
(18:57:56) margret_powel01: ok
(18:58:27) readwl: so when will you move in?
(18:59:16) margret_powel01: soonest
(18:59:26) margret_powel01: like middle of next month
(18:59:31) margret_powel01: is that ok
(18:59:52) readwl: that’s fine
(19:00:10) readwl: how much did you want me to hold from the check that’s being sent?
(19:00:56) margret_powel01: the amount you requested
(19:01:05) margret_powel01: for a month reant right
(19:01:49) readwl: ok that’s what I figured, it was just such a big check I wasn’t sure what amount. thank you for clearing that up
(19:02:49) margret_powel01: ok
(19:03:07) margret_powel01: so when it get to you u let me know ok
(19:03:27) readwl: I certainly will
(19:03:58) margret_powel01: ok
(19:04:12) margret_powel01: i really need the balance to come over k
(19:04:29) readwl: I understand
(19:04:36) margret_powel01: ok
(19:04:49) margret_powel01: what bank do you bank with
(19:05:13) readwl: I use Fifth Third
(19:05:39) readwl: they treat me well and they’ve got branches all over the US
(19:05:54) margret_powel01: sorry wellsfargo
(19:05:57) margret_powel01: or what
(19:06:52) readwl: yeah, Fifth Third, it’s like Wellsfargo, only I haven’t seen any Wellsfargos in the Cincinnati area
(19:07:29) margret_powel01: as in do they act like wellsfargo
(19:08:00) readwl: yes, as far as i know they offer very sinilar services
(19:08:07) readwl: *similar services
(19:08:22) margret_powel01: ok
(19:08:30) margret_powel01: so u married
(19:08:54) readwl: no, I’m single currently
(19:08:58) readwl: you?
(19:10:19) margret_powel01: ok
(19:11:47) readwl: are you married?
(19:11:56) margret_powel01: no
(19:14:13) readwl: will you need any help moving in?
(19:14:30) margret_powel01: really
(19:14:33) margret_powel01: of course
(19:15:01) readwl: ok, once you know when you’re moving I can call up some friends
(19:15:14) readwl: you don’t know anyone in the area do you?
(19:15:58) margret_powel01: no i dont
(19:16:44) readwl: I’ll do my best to show you around and introduce you to the people I know. I’m still pretty new here myself
(19:17:04) margret_powel01: cool
(19:19:00) readwl: so why are you coming to the states to model?
(19:19:20) margret_powel01: through my agent
(19:20:02) readwl: is it something you asked to do?
(19:20:16) margret_powel01: nope thats what am good at
(19:21:53) readwl: cool
(19:22:17) margret_powel01: so u work
(19:23:58) readwl: yeah. I am a computer programmer for a steel mill
(19:24:19) margret_powel01: cool
(19:24:22) margret_powel01: thats nice
(19:24:28) margret_powel01: am sure u make so much
(19:25:59) readwl: I do alright. but then I also own a fencing club that uses a good amount of my free money
(19:26:33) margret_powel01: ok
(19:26:36) margret_powel01: thats cool
(19:26:43) margret_powel01: love to stay with you
(19:26:51) margret_powel01: sent you my pixs before
(19:38:05) margret_powel01: well today’s my birthday
(19:38:14) margret_powel01: sorry i did not tell u since
(19:38:17) readwl: oh really? Happy Birthday!
(19:38:21) margret_powel01: thanks
(19:38:32) readwl: are you 26 or 27 now?
(19:38:45) margret_powel01: now 26
(19:39:15) readwl: mine was the 24th of july, just turned 24 myself
(19:39:26) margret_powel01: cool
(19:41:03) margret_powel01: so what u doing now
(19:41:06) margret_powel01: ???
(19:42:04) readwl: coloring and shading a drawing of myself
(19:42:20) margret_powel01: ok
(19:43:04) readwl: I comissioned an artist to draw myself and some of my friends
(19:43:15) readwl: eventually when I’m finished I’ll do something with it
(19:43:25) margret_powel01: ok
(19:43:44) margret_powel01: who do you stay with?
(19:44:35) readwl: I live alone. Which is why I wanted a room mate, the apartment is kind of boring being her by myself when friends aren’t over
(19:44:51) margret_powel01: ok
(19:45:00) margret_powel01: so am i getting it
(19:45:16) readwl: are you getting what?
(19:45:30) margret_powel01: the room
(19:45:38) readwl: oh! yes! of course
(19:46:07) readwl: sorry, I just assumed you knew that.
(19:46:49) readwl: yes the room is yours
(19:47:05) margret_powel01: ok
(19:47:09) margret_powel01: thanks for that
(19:47:59) readwl: I apologize, I figured that since you were having money sent to me that you knew you were getting the room
(19:49:00) margret_powel01: ok
(19:49:25) readwl: I feel terrible. I hope I didn’t cause too much confusion
(19:50:40) margret_powel01: no at all dont fell terrible
(19:51:06) readwl: alright
(19:51:17) readwl: so what are you doing right now?
(19:51:28) margret_powel01: chating with you
(19:53:17) readwl: true. anything else going on?
(19:53:52) margret_powel01: not really
(19:55:33) readwl: what time is it there? I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you online yet and realized that it was probably due to the difference in time
(19:56:32) margret_powel01: yes
(19:56:42) margret_powel01: 2;00am
(19:57:04) readwl: wow, yeah, 6 hour difference
(19:57:11) margret_powel01: yes
(19:58:24) margret_powel01: so wat do i get for my birthday
(19:58:27) margret_powel01: from u
(19:59:02) readwl: hmm, I’ll have to think about it. is there anything you want in particular?
(19:59:31) margret_powel01: having a party today
(19:59:52) margret_powel01: wish i could get some money for some drinks and other stuff
(19:59:59) margret_powel01: anything u feel like
(20:00:03) margret_powel01: u know
(20:00:05) margret_powel01: ur wish
(20:00:09) readwl: *sigh* I don’t think I could arrange a party on such short notice
(20:00:22) readwl: not one so far away anyway
(20:00:45) margret_powel01: i will do that
(20:00:51) margret_powel01: just a support
(20:01:09) readwl: are you still in Africa, or are you back home?
(20:01:25) margret_powel01: africa
(20:01:34) readwl: are there places to go where you are?
(20:01:41) readwl: like bars
(20:01:42) margret_powel01: yes
(20:01:49) margret_powel01: off course
(20:02:36) readwl: wait, so it’s 2am, is your birthday on the 18th or the 17th?
(20:03:53) readwl: no, 18th or 19th
(20:03:56) readwl: ?
(20:04:07) margret_powel01: 18th
(20:04:48) readwl: well why not go out? I’m sure you could find a guy or two who’d be willing to buy you a drink, especially on your birthday
(20:04:56) readwl: I know I certainly would
(20:05:49) margret_powel01: what ever
(20:06:01) margret_powel01: dont bother ok
(20:06:09) margret_powel01: just asked you
(20:06:53) readwl: when you get here I’ll gladly take you out. I just said I couldn’t do much about today
(20:07:17) margret_powel01: no dont worry ok
(20:08:10) readwl: eh, it’s in my nature to care. eveyone should have a good time on her birthday. lord knows it only comes around but once a year
(20:08:31) margret_powel01: yeah for real
(20:10:17) margret_powel01: talk to you later ok
(20:10:24) margret_powel01: gat to sleep ok
(20:10:40) readwl: alright, I hope you find something fun to do!
(20:10:44) readwl: g’night
(20:11:05) margret_powel01: I-)
(20:11:31) margret_powel01 logged out.
(20:11:34) margret_powel01 has become idle.

— Today’s Conversation

(18:13:14) margret_powel01: hello will
(18:13:22) margret_powel01: how you doing?
(18:13:34) : Buzz!!
(18:13:35) readwl: good
(18:13:41) readwl: buzz?
(18:13:53) margret_powel01: sorry you get the check on thursday
(18:13:55) margret_powel01: ok
(18:14:09) margret_powel01: please look out for it
(18:14:48) readwl: actually I’ve rented the room to someone else. I’ll just forward the whole check onto you. I’m really sorry
(18:15:02) margret_powel01: why
(18:15:11) margret_powel01: thats not fair
(18:15:19) margret_powel01: you promised me
(18:16:54) readwl: it’s my friend’s brother. he really needed a place to stay and I owed him a big favor
(18:17:22) margret_powel01: 😦
(18:17:28) margret_powel01: pretty bad
(18:17:34) margret_powel01: so what do i do
(18:17:57) margret_powel01: see its one of my mom’s client that payed for it
(18:18:10) readwl: I’m sure a model like you will have no problem finding a room mate.
(18:18:15) margret_powel01: he was oweing her thats why
(18:18:22) margret_powel01: see it’s not easy
(18:18:41) margret_powel01: see i really need the maoney to come over
(18:19:27) readwl: I’m really sorry Margret. I’d much rather have a model at my place than some guy
(18:19:35) readwl: but that’s the way it is
(18:19:51) margret_powel01: see ok you do me a favour
(18:20:07) margret_powel01: can you please help me cash it out and send it to me
(18:20:15) margret_powel01: i will really appreciate it
(18:20:49) readwl: I’ll just send it to you as is and you can work it out
(18:21:19) margret_powel01: as in
(18:21:28) margret_powel01: will you help me out
(18:21:35) margret_powel01: with the check
(18:22:09) readwl: I’ll forward on the check when it comes in the mail but I don’t see why I would cash it
(18:22:31) margret_powel01: i get you
(18:22:58) margret_powel01: but the fact is my mom’s client is the one that payed it out
(18:23:14) margret_powel01: and he has just payed her out
(18:23:20) readwl: then you’ll have to ask the client to pay you directly, sorry
(18:23:39) margret_powel01: so are you going to return the check
(18:24:34) readwl: yeah
(18:25:01) margret_powel01: ok
(18:27:06) readwl: again I’m sorry. when you get to the states look me up ok? I’ll still take you out for drinks 😉
(18:27:25) margret_powel01: hmmmm
(18:27:38) margret_powel01: i dont have money for my flight
(18:27:57) margret_powel01: till i get the payment from the client
(18:28:53) readwl: you’ll get it I’m sure
(18:29:11) margret_powel01: i really relied on u
(18:30:18) margret_powel01: well
(18:30:30) margret_powel01: just let me know when it gets to u
(18:30:57) readwl: ok


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  1. Britt / Aug 24 2005 8:24 am

    Wow….How weird.

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