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August 16, 2005 / TildeWill

Brain Image Search

I was thinking about my brain today. How someone has to give me half the story sometimes before it comes back to me, things that I lived and was present for. It’s the same with the way I picture things. You have to tell me the door is here, the counter is over there, the computer sits here, and.. that’s when I go “oh, yeah!”. I was thinking about how that compares to a search engine.

What if I typed in “room” and got nothing? I type “room with door on the north wall”, nothing. Type “room with north door and a kitchen island with window over the counter” and get one result, exactly the one I want. It’s not how things work now, but it is how my brain seems to function. I wonder if we’ll start to see a shift in the way we conduct searches?

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