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August 16, 2005 / TildeWill

Bathroom Holmes!

For the past month or so, ever since the bathroom closest to my office got a new handle, I’ve noticed that the door is often open, but locked. It has one of those spring loaded lock buttons, where it pops open when you turn the handle. It always weirded me out when I went in there and found it locked already.

I speculated that someone was anticipating coming back, and that he’d have to go so bad he wouldn’t be able to take the extra second to lock the door behind his speedy entrance. I even once almost locked the door by accident behind myself when I grabbed the handle in a strange way behind me. It didn’t sit right because it was a lot of effort and most of the times other people would be in and out of there, ruining the set up.

Today, while in a thinking position, I noticed that the door stop was mangled and missing the rubber insert. I’ve seen people steal mice balls, why not door stops? More importantly however, was the location of this stop. Prior to the new handle, there was an old ball handle with a twist lock. The rubber stop fell right in place to catch the old handle. Incidentally, it also fell in the perfect place to… you guessed it… lock the new door handle with a little force. A simple test supported my deduction. I found a slightly zealous effort to open the door yielded exactly the scene I had encountered so many times before. Mystery solved!

The new mystery is now, what happened to the rubber door stop?


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