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August 12, 2005 / TildeWill

Best $12 Hair Cut Ever!

Yesterday i broke down and got that hair cut. I had been referred to Big League Barbers by my coworker Nick when I ran into him at Kroger. This place is awesome. First off, they take credit cards (yay!), second, all of the barbers are attractive women.? I also like the fact that they’re open till 8pm so even I can get a haircut without fenagleing something crazy at work. There’s a personal TV right there so you can watch whatever; the intention is that you’ll want to watch sports, but they also get Cartoon Network! Once they’ve cut your hair you get a shampoo and rinse so you don’t go home with hair all over your shirt and on your neck. Speaking of neck hair, you get free neck trims between cuts if you need them. Then they’ll throw all kinds of product in your hair if you want, then they finish it up with a neck massage.

Twenty minutes later you come out looking and feeling like a million bucks! More things should be like this.

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