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August 8, 2005 / TildeWill

Think I Can Bike 35 Miles To Work?

3:03pm – driving my car around the company lot back from the Melt Shop
I go over a speed bump and it seemed like there was a louder click than
normal. I take another one, no problem I figure I’m hearing things.

5:00pm most everyone has gone home for the night, I came in a little late so I’m staying a little late.

5:15pm walk out to my car. I turn the key, nothing. I check to be sure
the car is in park because I know it won’t start in any other position,
still nothing. There’s no lights on the dash, but nothing was left on.
So I call the guard shack and have them send someone out to jump me. No

I walk upstairs past my office that has now locked me out because it is
after 5pm over to my old office where Matt still is at and I grumble
about my car as I pick up the phone to call AAA. He stops me and calls
up some of the mechanics to check out my car for me. after a lot of
testing and trying there’s now six guys standing around my car
"helping". They even brought out this crazy battery jumper. No dice.

So i call AAA and get the tow truck out. The final prognosis of my car
from the company mechanics was that my starter was bad. The tow truck
too my car to Carrolton where it’s sitting at a Ford dealership. Matt
gave me a ride home since he lives just one city south of me. He was
nice enough to offer to pick me up tomorrow too. Hopefully my car will
be done and fixed by the time I need to go home. I hope I don’t have to
miss/reschedule my "date". *sigh* I like cars a lot more when they work
they way they are supposed to.

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