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August 7, 2005 / TildeWill

Looking for a room mate

I decided that I want a room mate. I arrived at this conclusion after thinking about my assimilation into college life, and how important it was to live with someone else, to have someone to talk to when I come home. The money is not really an issue here and what’ll probably happen is that I’ll take the rent I get from my room mate and reinvest it in the apartment (furniture and what not). Here’s the post I made on Craig’s List yesterday, tell your friends!

I recently moved to the Cinci area (Florence specifically) and ended up renting way more apartment than I need. It’s a nice two bed, two bath apartment with A/C, washer/dryer in the apartment, walk in closets, balcony that overlooks a pond. There’s also a pool, hot tub, and a work out area in the club house. The complex is The Vineyard.

I’m a 24 y/o white male with an average level of cleanliness (not a neat-freak, not a slob either). I work full time as a programmer so I’m not around during the day.

I’m looking for a male or female in the 21-29 age range. Must have a job (mainly so I know you can pay rent) and be willing to show a guy around town and introduce him to a few people. A dog is fine by me, there’s an extra $25/month pet fee I believe. The rent above includes all utilities (except phone). I think that just about covers everything I can think of, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

7672 Catawba Ln Apt 6? ? ? google map? ? ? yahoo map



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  1. Jacqui / Aug 7 2005 10:37 am

    I thought that was a pretty good ad! I’ll post it on my blog too since I know some Cincinnati-area bloggers who read my site and they might know some people.


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