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August 1, 2005 / TildeWill

A Real Friend

Just when? I start to get full of myself thinking I don’t need the help of others I get a swift kick in the pants by those around me to remind me that friends and family have been key to my success. This weekend was the great RCF upgrade where we moved from some old warehouse space to a room in the Morton Community Center. The benefits in the building alone, like having bathrooms, a drinking fountain, vending machines, and a changing room, make the move worth while, but then add to it the location (just off campus), the great staff, and the number of people that will be walking by our room and you’ve got a great deal.

My parents came down from Monticello to help. I think part of it was that they could use it as an excuse to see me as well as support my efforts. Mark B was there, but that was it for real, live, members of RCF. It made me sad and wonder why I’m putting so much into a club that only one other man is willing to help support. Some people from Jefferson high showed up mid day so that helped. The only other person who was there all day and the only person who helped me paint the old building was Anne R.

This woman whose company I’ve always enjoyed, who does not fight her laughter when I tell a joke, and who has a brilliant zest for life that I wish all people had. Even when she found out she had pink eye she was still willing to let me crash at her place for the weekend even though it meant doing some major cleaning and taking extra care with what she touched. She wrangled up a friend of hers and showed me a good time out on the town and really made me feel appreciated. She then came and offered the use of her truck for moving the big stuff. She accompanied me to the Neon Cactus since I missed it so much and needed to go there so I could feel at home if only for a few hours. She had a good time and danced without me having to twist her arm. Anne got up early on Sunday to go fencing with me, and she hung around and did an awesome job painting at the old venue; covering up Mike and Dawn on the walls was no easy task.

She didn’t have to do any of that. But she did it all with a smile and a laugh and with an appreciation that I fear I may forget from time to time. Thank you Anne for reminding me this weekend that I have amazing people like you in my life.


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