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July 27, 2005 / TildeWill

Foil Is Changing

There’s a big long thread about this on, but basically they are testing some changes in fencing to the weapon foil. The target area will be extended to include the weapon arm and the bib on the mask. Simultaneously the white light will be done away with, so there will be no off targets as there is in sabre. Most of this is motivated by a drive to make the sport more spectator friendly.

Now before you foil fencers freak out, realize that the two parts, target area and white lights are connected. The idea is that if you hit someone in the arm it’ll still stop the action (but now someone gets a point). Yeah, it is going to change the way we fence, and it means shelling out some serious bling for new equipment, but the sport keeps changing, just like it’s fencers. To say "it’s gonna suck" is to be stuck in the past, those people can go fencing with Captain Classic all they want, I’m sure he’s up for a bout or two.

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