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July 26, 2005 / TildeWill

I was not aborted

TV news, talk radio, issues in other states about this or that. Is it
really so bad to be pregnant? To harbor another life inside one’s self?
Every day we make choices, we have that freedom. But we make them for
ourselves, not for others, that is the same freedom that is provided to

I stand here today, bending your ear, because someone else, my birth
mother, did not make a choice for me that I would not want. She took
care of herself, and passed on the responsibility of raising me to two
excellent parents. Look at your friend, look at your brother or sister,
look at yourself and tell me that you would be okay if that person
never existed. That person who has consoled you countless times, who
has brought you many smiles, and who has trusted you with their own
emotions, adding value to your own life. That person who may have even
saved your life. Tell me it would be ok if that person was never part
of this world. Tell me that, and then I will consider what you have to
say about preventing a life. But until you can say that, I encourage
you to thank the parents of the people around you for the richness of
life those people afford you.



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  1. Jacqui / Jul 27 2005 5:58 am

    Not to take a dump on your otherwise introspective post, but the common argument against your second paragraph is that if none of those people ever existed (or if the person themselves never existed), then they would not be affected because they wouldn’t be aware of the non-existance of those other people (or themselves). Their life paths would just be shaped in another way with different people and different experiences.

  2. Will / Jul 27 2005 7:30 am

    True, but given the choice, would most people want that path to be different?

  3. Jacqui / Jul 27 2005 11:26 am

    Your argument is a strawman. It’s a series of “what if?”s.

    You’re focusing on loss, but think of the same “what if”s in the opposite view. Statistically speaking, it is likely that at least one person was aborted in my birth year in my city. Say that person was not aborted and her name was to be Jackee and she & I were to become best friends in high school. We decide to go to college together and become roommates, not at Purdue. Boom, now I haven’t met you or Clint or Will Smith or Cara or Josette or Ed. You haven’t met Cara because Clint never met her, and Clint & I helped her make those signs and distribute them that caused you to contact her. Whatever decisions you’ve made that were in any way related to Cara are now negated. All of our lives are instantly on a different path because of the added presence of a (currently) non-existant person.

    Do you miss your sister? You say “What sister? I don’t have a sister.” No, you don’t, but you might have. Do you miss her? Are you experiencing loss or depression in your life right now because your sister is not here?

  4. Jacqui / Jul 27 2005 11:29 am

    (the point being that not choosing abortion changes the life path equally as much as choosing abortion)

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