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July 21, 2005 / TildeWill

At the OTC? Yeah! You Know Me!

Here I sit in the lobby of the Olympic Training Center (OTC). It’s day four of our schedule and they’ve been running us non-stop. We start at 8AM, suited up and ready to fence, and we get out at 9:30 PM, just enough time to stumble back to our dorm and go to bed with lights out at 10PM.

But one thing is for sure, I’m already a better coach.

The great thing about the class I’m in is that it is 32 other people of varying coaching experience and while we’re lead by a head coach, we all seem to have a great deal to contribute to eachother from our own limited experience. It’s a nice comfortable, reassuring environment.

I’ve been having a kick ass time hanging out with Big Joe here and the road trip out, while fairly uneventful, was nice having 20+ hours of windsheild time with a guy who I only knew through fencing & Neon Cactus nights prior to this. Joe and I have an added bonus of rooming with Purdue Alumnus, Mark who coaches up with Nads in Northern Indiana. Mark is great at telling a story, and if he doesn’t tell you himself, he’s a sabreist and he loves baseball.

They let us out at 5:30 tonight so we could study for our written exam tomorrow night. Idecided to break out some nice clothes since I never get the chance to change out of my work out clothes and managed to catch the eye of not one, but two lovely ladies. I’m excited, and there’s still 3+ days between now and Monday morning when life returns to normal… ish.

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