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July 14, 2005 / TildeWill

Lawrence Y’All!

Last week I mentioned a consultant by the name of Lawrence,
and that he’d be back this week. Well he did come back as promised on
Tuesday and stayed through today and we did some more trouble shooting.
If I didn’t know my way around the hardware last week I certainly know
it now. Tuesday was fun because I was learning, and we were narrowing
down the cause of problems. Wednesday was even better when we got to
the point where we could start solving the problems, and by lunch time,
Lawrence was dancing.

Yes, dancing just like I dance every time I write some sweet code or
kill a program bug. I think that’s what people like me do, we dance.
Lawrence must’ve been hesitant at first, because we started out with
high fives and variations on the concept. Then before I know it we’re
both stepping out a foot or two and shakin’ what our mother’s gave us.
I think the privacy of a lonely electrical room helped. It really is
quite the sight to see a skinny punk white boy next to a black guy in
his forties, both celebrating what most would consider a trivial
victory over technology. But it is fun and well deserved after the
effort we put in to get to that point.

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