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July 7, 2005 / TildeWill


I just made a post I intended to be private, but I hit publish instead
of save and it went public for a second. I think that also means it got
submitted to a bunch of trackers and stuff. If you happen to get that
story in your news reader feel free to let me know and poke fun at me.

Anywho something happened in London today. I’m not sure what exactly
because I’m a news hermit. But I do know that there were casualties
involved and I am sorry for the loss of human life. Meanwhile the week
is wrapping up and some self imposed deadlines at work are upon me. The
stuff that isn’t finished is mostly because it is awaiting someone or
something else out of my control.

After work I will be hitting the road for Northern Indiana to see my
brother and Neal! The Funks may or may not come up with me, and my
parents will also be up there. I get to see my parents’ new bling bling
van with GPS and all sorts of other goodies. Depending on if I have
passengers or not I may also blow through Lafayette and grab some
things from River City Fencing that I need for Coach’s College.

Speaking of, that’s in a week, July 16-24, and it’s also going to be a
kick ass road trip with Big Joe!!!! It’s 18 hours from here and we
might try to drive it straight. We’re leaving late Friday night right
now and have to be there Sunday at 5pm. I still want to look up Bevin
from my elementary school days and see if she’s out there or not. Maybe
if we get there early we could all hang. Aside from that the college
should be interesting. I need to prep a few more things between now and
then, I’m a little nervous that I am not the coach I need to be (like
having curriculum and actual students with competitive results), but
they didn’t say to bring any of that stuff. I’m hoping I’ll meet some
people with more experience than I and maybe learn a ton of stuff.
Notepad? Check!


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