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July 4, 2005 / TildeWill

1/4 of a Year

It’s been three months since I moved. One quarter of a year. Florence, my new
apartment, it all feels familiar to me already; it felt that way the first month
I was here. I picked my place of living well. I’ve gone to church on my own for
the first time in three years or more. This really feels like home. What it
lacks in new friends it makes up with old friends who are close by.

I remember back in March when I first learned that I had to find a new
job. I remember realizing that I had to leave Lafayette behind. I
remember it like it was yesterday and here I am 4 months later knowing
that I did the right thing. RCF is going through some new growing pains
and we’re all learning, but ultimately I know the club is in good hands
and that RCF will make it.

My personal fencing life has changed drastically, I think it is time
for a break or even a farewell. The past few competitions I’ve been
falling below my own expectations and I’m not having nearly the fun I
set out to have. Time to take a step back, remember what made fencing
great for me.

It is scary to think that three months have basically slipped away.
But then this past weekend at church I sat down behind a man who was
easily 80, four times my own age. I think about all that I’ve done, all
that I’ve accomplished in one quarter of the time that he’s been alive,
and it makes me wonder about the places I’ll go and the things I’ll do
with two to three more lifetimes ahead of me. I wouldn’t say I’m out of
ideas, but it does seem like a somewhat daunting concept to wonder how
the next 40-60 years will stay entertaining.


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