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June 29, 2005 / TildeWill

Dickerson Says

Well I’m back from church. It turns out the Wednesday dinner and bible
study thing is only in the colder months, but they happened to be
having a dinner this Wednesday anyway to welcome their new Associate
Pastor. I didn’t get to introduce myself to him, but I did get to meet
a few members. Mostly families there which will be good for me now that
I’m a hefty distance away from my own family.

Pretty much every husband and wife couple I met had one of the two who
had always lived in Northern Kentucky and one who had come from
somewhere like Chicago or New York. I thought that was kinda crazy.
They had the Youth praise Band playing and while it was a bit fuzzy on
the edges I always like it when the youth perform because people
applaud at the end. No one applauds for the traditional choir.

Anyway, Dickerson wrote in and said he always knew I was a spiritual
guy. I don’t recall denying it, but I would admit to saying I didn’t
need church, and now I’d say I’ve changed my opinion of that. Elsie
pointed out to me that spirituality comes in many different forms, and
need not be at a church. Church has always struck me as a weird concept
because in The Bible, Jesus says it is okay for us to worship anywhere
and specifically mentions the home, a private setting. But we insist
upon getting together once a week to worship in a big expensive
building together. Other people like people too I guess.

I wonder if I can twist the GD’s arm enough to get him to write an entry about why he knew I was a spiritual kind of guy…


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  1. Peter / Jun 30 2005 8:02 am

    The Bible describes the church as a meeting of believers who gather to encourage and build up one another by prayer, hearing the Bible read and taught, and serving one another in love. Or a more secular way of looking at it is that church gatherings are a way to make sure you don’t stray from the brainwashing. Regardless of anyone’s views I personally think that your odds of finding “some good people” are much better in a church environment. The people at a church are there to fellowship with others and are looking for those interpersonal relationships as well to balance that spiritual side.

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